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Welcome Decal Set  WDS23



This is an all-inclusive pack that includes Welcome, Bank In Store and Trading Hours in your choice of internal or external decal application to suit.

Includes an interchangeable trading hours section, replacement hours can be ordered from SignManager

Internal: This option is recommended if you have space on a window next to the entrance which will allow you to stick the decals on the inside of the glass to face outwards.

External: This option is recommended if you need to apply your decals to the front of a surface. i.e. if your store does not have windows near the entrance OR there is not enough space on the entrance windows. These decals can be applied to the front of a smooth surface.

External + Mounting Panels: This option is recommended if you do not have a smooth surface to mount your externally applied decals to. Decals will be supplied with metal panels that can be screw fixed or construction glued to a wall.

For help installing these decals please refer to this video guide.

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